Monday, July 29, 2013

Yogalosophy: 28 Days to the Ultimate Mind-Body Makeover

The author of this book insists that in 28 days, by doing yoga, you will get the ultimate body and/or mind (?). As a yoga teacher and practitioner for years (and probably not in the target market of this book) I am sorry to say that this will realistically not happen. Actually, research shows that yoga actually slows metabolism, which in layman terms means 'you eat the same, you gain weight'. I would suggest the author to really look at all the studies done on yoga in the last few years. The majority conclude that while you do not lose weight, you do feel much better than before, so yes, the mind connection is the one mostly influenced by a steady yoga practice (and not only 28 days). And yes, in time- that is after months or years of practicing- you do become much more connected to your body, and more aware of your nutritional needs- hence why most real yogis have slim, slender frames. 

This book is not only useless for someone who never did yoga, but also dangerous and depressing. Some of the poses she recommends are actually intermediate/advanced poses that should be done under supervision, unless you want to snap a tendon or get sciatica. Again, plenty of research shows the amount of injuries from yoga- people going into it too fast and totally unprepared. I personally think this book is for someone like Jeniffer Aniston maybe (actually, one of her clients), who has probably plenty of time preparing the meals recommended and explore a new pose each day. But for the regular, sedentary American who sits on a chair all day, expecting him/her to go into a full lotus and spend hours on preparing a dish, this is highly unrealistic. Unless I totally missed the message of this book, I would say leave this book on a shelf. Or if you want to start doing yoga, pick a studio and get into it slowly, with someone who can guide you and give you alternatives to suit your body. This is the real yoga philosophy.

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