Monday, July 29, 2013

The Science of Yoga: The Risks and the Rewards

This is another book on my favorite topic. Although the beginning was promising- I am all for science!- it turned out into a disappointment...This book's subtitle says 'The Risks and Rewards'. Unfortunately, more than half of the books looks at injuries and risks in an alarming way, although there is little (or no) statistical evidence for it. Then, in the epilogue, the author apologetically states that there are actually more rewards than risks (?). As a passionate reader (and practitioner) of yoga, I found this book amateuresque, with no direct references throughout the book (they are all squeezed at the end of the book, and most of them cite the sources as 'anonymous'). The pompous title has nothing to do with the content. This book is poorly referenced, generalizes based on assumptions and is logically flawed. But, at least it's a start in trying to see yoga from a (intended) science perspective. And yes, there is definitely more research to be done in the future, so I am hopeful that one day soon we will have concrete, solid research data to support what we all feel after our yoga practice...

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