Monday, October 8, 2012

The Yoga of Eating

Transcending Diets and Dogmas to Nourish the Natural Self
Author: Charles Eisenstein
Subject: yoga, diets
My rating: 5*

About the book:
I can't recall how I came across this book. Fact is I am happy I've read it, it is a refreshing, new perspective on how and why we eat the way we do nowadays. I share the author's view on the intelligence of our own body, and the importance of listening to the messages it sends us. The author is giving some strong arguments on the use of processed foods, the meat industry, dieting, supplements, why we eat the way we eat. The book is easy to read, in short chapters on these topics, and is not a book on a specific diet. Thought provoking and interesting- a MUST read for anybody who ever believed in one diet or who went on a detox (which is almost all of us).

From the book:
(talking about the lack of control in life of anorexic people)..."It is like the Sufi tale of Mullah Nasrudin, searching for his key under the streetlight instead of in the shadows where he lost it. Rarely do we find the courage to venture into the shadows, even if it leaves us searching forever in places where the answers cannot be found".

"Authentic change requires not willpower and forcing, but surrender, acceptance, trust, and courage"

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